Cheers! A votre santé!

I am a wine professional. I’m supposed to drink with my pinky in the air and then rub in your face that my drinks game is better than yours.  Well, ok, I admit, I went through that stage in my career. We all do because having a big ego is requisite in this field. It takes a long time to prove not only that you know what you’re talking about, but that you have the practical skills to ‘sip n spit’ with the big boys.

Taking tasting notes at a fancy pants event at Château La Pointe. Pomerol, France
Taking tasting notes at a fancy pants event at Château La Pointe. Pomerol, France

Eventually, I became comfortable in my skill set and got over continuously trying to sell myself. ‘Cause ya know what? If I drink a Trockenbeerenauslese Riesling out of an old jelly jar it doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of that wine and if it does for someone else, they are probably ridiculous anyway.

I follow a variety of wine blogs and Instagram accounts myself. Frankly, I’m bored with seeing photos of Château Cheval Blanc and Château Haut Brion. We get it, you’ve got cash and class, whatever. I’m also weary of seeing a wine glass posed in beautiful scenery without any mention of what’s in the glass. All of these accounts seem to be pretentious displays of wealth and access or pretty pictures with no substance. So here’s what I propose:

Even after more than a decade in this industry, I have much to learn. That’s why I was drawn to this profession – I’ll never finish discovering. Another aspect that I love is that I get to transmit this knowledge to others.  I’d like to use this blog as a platform to bring that information to you. I’d like to share with you “ce que je bois” or “what I drink.”

By the way, I don’t limit myself to wine. How boring would that life be?  I enjoy a diverse repetoire of libations, so if you prefer hard ciders or esoteric herbal liqueurs I will get there, I promise.

Cheers! A Votre Santé! Slainte! Tchin! Whatever… bottoms up!


***Aussi, une note pour mes amis francophones: Je suis en train de travailler sur la façon de lier ma version française. Je vous prie d’être patient, je vous jure que ça va venir.

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